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World Cities Revision

Millionaire Cities:
These are urban areas with more than 1 million people e.g. Budapest;
Mega Cities:
These are urban areas with more than 10 million people e.g. Mumbai
World Cities: These are urban areas which have a global influence. They are normally
centres of trade, business, culture…

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Reasons for suburbanisation includes the opportunity to buy bigger houses with driveways and
gardens, with a better standard of living and lower crime rates. Also, because of the improved
transport links and increased car ownership, it is easy to commute whilst living in a less crowded
Case Study: Suburbanisation…

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and leisure facilities to encourage self-sufficiency. Affordable housing should make up between
30-50% of the total with emphasis on large family homes. They must have a management body
which will help to develop the town, provide support for people and businesses moving to the
new community.
Case Study: Eco-Town

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High population out migration figures.
Many empty/derelict properties and many boarded up shops.
Closing of schools and low education levels.
High unemployment levels, crime rates and vandalism.
Low levels of participation in local democracy.
Urban Decline Case Study: Hackney
Hackney is a North/North East Borough in inner London. It is…

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Are effectively and fairly governed with a strong sense of community.
The Holly Street estate redevelopment in Hackney created a new neighbourhood of streets with
pitches roofs and gardens. They also aimed to remove fear of crime, improve security and mental
and physical health of residents. The Coin Street Community…

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Light pollution.
Now acting as a growth pole, attracting hotels, business parks and other retail to an
already busy area.

The Redevelopment of Urban Centres
CBD's contain the principle commercial areas and major public buildings and is the centre for
business and commercial activities. It is accessible from all parts…

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money and help the environment. And also, the left over aluminium scraps can be used for
corrugated roof tiles. ;l
This is similar to what is happening in Nairobi, Kenya, where it is common for people to collect and
make use of other people's rubbish such as old tyres, washing…


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