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The Fuhrer and the Vozhd
Preparing for war
Since late 1920s the soviet union believed
Germany was preparing for war and concern about
war increased once Hitler was appointed German
chancellor in 1933
And the agreement between Nazi Germany,
fascist Italy and imperial Japan which recognized
communism as a common enemy
So the soviet Gov. reformed the military, recruited
spies and started diverting economic resources
towards rearmament although these measures
were not as effective as they should have been
due to Stalin's paranoia undermining efforts to
prepare…read more

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1935 during preparation for war, military discipline within the red
army was tightened and under Trotsky titles such as offer had
been abolished and commanders and soldiers were encouraged to
treat each other as comrades
Although under Stalin the old tsarist system of strict discipline and
clear division between officers were reintroduced
Between 1937-38 the red army was purged in order to make sure
all the members were loyal to the regime and so a lot of military
skill and experience was lost in the process…read more

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Russia had a huge advantage over other foreign
powers because of its large
network of spies, communist
sympathisers in all levels of the Gov.
in the UK, USA, France and Germany
provided secret information to the
Soviet government
However, much of this was never
analysed, Stalin refused to trust his intelligence
service and through the 30s, Russia's intelligence
resources were focused on the hunt for Trotsky and
not for monitoring foreign enemies…read more

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In theory rearmament was an essential part of the third five year
plan, although purges led to chaos in major government
departments which meant the plan was never completed or
Administrators were expected to work from drafts of the plan of
which contained little information about how rearmament was
going to be achieved
Also there was no agreed budget for military spending and 17
different government departments argued with Gosplan about
the amount of money given to war production,
it was estimated that the soviet government spent over 11 times
more on defense in the 3rd five year plan than in the 1st…read more

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In spite of the 3rd five year plans chaotic nature, soviet
industry achieved some remarkable things. 1939 6 new
aircraft factories were built and 24 new factories for the
production of explosives and the number of tanks
produced in 1942 was twice that produced in "38
Germany spent more on war prep from 1935-40 but on the
eve of war Russia was able to overtake German military
spending, because the Russian economy was more
powerful than Germanys
The $5 billion Russia spent on military was represented as
only 20% of its national income, however the $6 billion
Germany spent represented 44% of its national income…read more

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Z I - S O
Military preparation was not the only strategy the government
used for ensuring national security, Stalin was prepared to
negotiate with Germany (his sworn enemy) to protect Russia.
An alliance between Stalin and Hitler
seemed unthinkable in many ways and
in Mein Kampf Hitler bitterly attacked
soviet communism and proposed
invading Russia to acquire space for his
`master race'
Also the communist party described
Nazism as one of the worst regimes of
the time
Russian and German soldiers had also
thought one another during the Spanish
civil war of 1936-39…read more

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