Churchill and Stalin

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Churchill and Stalin
1941 Churchill had clear aims
Russia must stay in the war in order to weaken Germany
Russian demands that a second frontier should be opened in France should not be
met for as long as possible.
Stalin had clear aims too involved a restoration of the 1941 frontier, including the gains
of 193940, and the establishment of `friendly' powers on Russian borders presented
moral problems for Churchill. In the first meeting with the British, he made these claims
clear and demanded a second front by the invasion of Northern France.
Roosevelt was completely against the idea of a promise towards territorial gains, and
Churchill had decided that all territorial decisions should be waited until after the war had
been won appeasing the USA was more important than appeasing the Stalin however
there was nothing against Stalin joining Hitler, as he had done in 1939.
Moscow 1942
First meeting with Stalin, 1942 did not go well Stalin demanded a second front. Churchill
and Stalin became more friendly and Churchill began to warm to him, however little was
actually settled Stalin did not get a second front and there was still the unresolved
issue of the post war territory. Russia's fear of displeasure prevented further
Tehran 1943
First time the `big three' met altogether. Roosevelt supported a second front and gave
secret verbal agreement to Stalin's wish for a new division of Poland. Stalin agreed to
join the war at Tehran after German defeat. Churchill under pressure to agree to
second front which we was sure was going to fail and lead to a large amount of
casualties delay on implementing Second Front lead to German's reinforcing the `Atlantic
Wall' Roosevelt did not appear to see how dangerous Stalin was if Russia expanded in
Europe it would be Britain that would be threatened, not the USA.
Churchill maintained a good relationship with the USSR, keeping the door open for future
negotiations with Stalin.
Regardless of his fears of communism and his hatred towards Stalin's
dictatorship, Churchill knew that Russia was key in war effort Russia was a
necessity in defeating the Nazi's
Churchill tried to get the best out of Stalin

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Stalin stands up for Britain, understanding that if the British Empire is to survive,
Britain has to keep up with their major powers their relationship contributed to
Churchill attempted to keep Russian dominance out if Eastern Europe by
proposing the Mediterranean strategy, understanding the importance of capturing
Berlin first (though this was unsuccessful)
The percentage agreement between Churchill and Stalin, though controversial,
ensured Britain kept the Suez Canal within access to its colonies in the East
(keeping British interests).…read more


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