Sociology paper May 2009 AQA Education with research methods

My sociology teacher gave me this practice paper, and so i had a quick go on the computer during a free period. I havn't finished Section 1 question D, but you get the main idea. have highlighted the essential bits on the Items also to help.

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Sociology paper May 2009
Section A: Education with Research Methods

Section 1)

(a) Explain what is meant by the term `compensatory' education. (2 marks)
Compensatory education is social policies first developed in America, where money is given to poorer
schools which can then help pupils in school who suffer from…

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Section 2)

Using material from Item B and elsewhere assess the strengths and limitations of one of the
following methods for investigating teachers' attitudes towards minority ethnic group pupils:
20 marks
EITHER (i) participant observation
OR (ii) questionnaires
(i) Participant observation
Participant observation gives researchers the opportunity to observe people…

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Because of the ethical issues Overt participation is preferred, as pupils need protecting and could tell
the researcher things that could get them into trouble like stealing from the school. A problem with the
teacher not knowing why they are being researched, could cause paranoia and upset once the research…

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Interpretivists disagree and argue official statistics are bad, and argue they are not `facts' and they do
not represent some objective reality in the real world. They say the job of a sociologist is to discover the
meanings and how they are constructed. For example the sociologist Durkheim didn't use…


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