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METHODS…read more

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Every institution in society performs more than one
function to help society run smoothly.
Durkheim- society helps teaches pupils the norms
and values of society. It is to unite every one so
they feel that they belong and committed to
society. Known as social solidarity.
Parsons-universalistic values (when people are
judged according to a set of standards)
Education benefits society
Education achievement based on merit.
Davis and Moore- meritocratic and role allocation.…read more

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Marxists argue education benefits the ruling
Other factors such as ethnicity and gender
influence acheivement…read more

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Those who own land (means of production)
are the bourgeoisie (upper class) and benefit
from the capitalist society.
The subject class (proletariat/working class)
are exploited by the ruling class and are used
to support the economic base of the
superstructure of society.
Bowles and Ginitis (Capitalist schooling)
>education serves the interests of the ruling
class> close relationship between school and
work, [hidden curriculum, meritocracy,
external rewards]…read more

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Work now requires team work not always
Hidden curriculum is not always accepted
Functionalist believe that education society
as a whole
Bowles and Ginitis study is old and may be
out dated.…read more

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Working class children shape their own
educational needs.
Capatlists do not have all the power in society.
Willis >learning to labour>observation and
interviews on a group of boys> showed that boys
were not interested in getting qualifications,
were in a subculture which was racist and
sexist>led to them in jobs which were racist and
+ based on detailed research + analyses
relationship between capitalism and society
­ based on limited data…read more

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