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The role and purpose of
Education and the economy…read more

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The economy
Education equips children with skills and
values needed in later employment.
All sociologists agree that education has a
sorting function.(assigning individuals to jobs)
They pass through `filtering' devices-sets
exams etc.
Each of these directs students to different
qualifications and careers.…read more

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Consensus perspective
Functionalists focus on the way institutions
benefit society.
Durkheim pointed out the importance of
education meeting economic needs.
Providing skills and values which make `good
Education produces the kinds of employers
that employees want, this gives society a
healthy economy…read more

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Human capital theory
Shultz and Becker proposed the idea of the
human capital
Economic growth occurs due to investments in
infrastructure but also due to investments in
expertise and skill
Whilst machines lose value education doesn't
as parents can pass on skills to thier kids.…read more

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schools are important to assign people jobs
which match their abilities
Education is meritocratic--where the most
talented an hard working are able to succeed.
Education is crucial to ensure the right people
are employed to jobs that are specialised.…read more

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Conflict perspectives-M
Education reproduces inequality­ `locking'
people into existing positions so thier status is
maintained e.g. poor people stay poor rich
people stay rich.
The sorting process is not done by ability but
by class.
The proletariat are filtered into jobs of low
status and pay whilst the rich remain prestige.
Also rebellious students are kept away from
jobs where they can cause problems, ensuring
bad kids fail.…read more

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