Functionalism and their view on education

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  • Functionalism and their view of education
    • Emilie Durkheim (1903)
      • He believed that education performs two functions ...
        • Creates social solidarity
          • Education can provide this, for example by teaching pupils the national history.
            • Leads to pupils not feeling alone, and it enables people to feel part of a group and therefore less likely to break rules.
        • Equips pupils with the specialist skills that they will need to be successful in the work place
          • Each person needs to have the necessary specialist knowledge and skills to perform their role in modern industrial economies. .
            • Education can provide this, as it teaches the individual the specialist knowledge and skills to play their part in the social division of labour
    • Talcott Parsons
      • Meritocracy
        • Every pupil has a fair and equal chance to be successful
          • People who do achieve, is down to their own individual efforts and abilities.
    • Davis and Moore role allocation
      • Believes that education gives people the jobs that are best suited to them.
        • It would be dangerous to give the most skilled or dangerous jobs such as being a pilot, to incapable people.
    • Criticisms of functionalism
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