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    • What is Education?
      • Collins New Dictionary: Instruction & training, as imparted in schools, colleges & universities: the theory & practise of teaching.
      • Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology: Sociological concept donating ideologies, curriculum & pedagogical techniques of the inculcation & management of knowledge & the social reproduction of personalities & cultures.
      • Formal education: knowledge you are taught in different subjects
      • Informal Education: known as hidden curriculum skills taught through how school is organised, day to day way in which school uses bells, sanctions, language etc.
    • Links to Socialisation
      • agent of secondary socialisation & an agent of social control
      • teaches and reinforces norms and values
      • prepares for the workplace
      • teaches gender roles
      • teaches school subjects
      • teaches how to become part of a society
    • Hidden Curriculum
      • Teaches punctuality
      • Teaches respect for authority
      • Teaches you team skills
      • Teaches you to be organised
      • Teaches you to conform
      • Controls your behaviour
    • Functions of Education
      • Economic Role
        • skills & knowledge taught helps people become good workers so contributing to the national economy
      • Socialisation Role
        • teaches norms & values central to our culture
      • Selective Role
        • sorts out which people will be doing which jobs in society
      • Social Control Role
        • teaches discipline, respect etc. & gets to conform to rules & be obedient


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