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The role and purpose of
education…read more

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what makes schooling so important?
Structuralists have focused on this question
and have highlighted two themes.
The consensus perpective by funstionalists
The conflict perspective by marxist and
feminists.…read more

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Consensus theory-Functionalists
F's emphasise the positive aspects of
Durkheim highlighted how education
prevents anomie which is a state of chaos
where society doesn't share the same
norms and values to behaviour.
Subjects also have importance such as
history in teaching British children their
shared heritage.…read more

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He also said that families are based on
affective relationships(help each other
through love and affection)
Society is based on instrumental relationships
(helping someone because it is your job and
your getting paid)
Schools develop a formal relationship between
children and adults Parsons developed this
saying schools help value achieved status
rather than ascribed status.
Finally he says that education instils values of
competition equality and individualism.…read more

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Conflict Perspective-marxists
This is more critical
Marxists and feminists say that education is an
ideological tool-manipulates people into
thinking in certain ways to keep the
inequalities of families and the ruling class.
Schools make the proletariat(non-production
owners usually working class) passive
therefore they have a fate to stay the way they
are.…read more

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the french neo-marxist althusser argued that
education reproduces a persons economic
Schooling is an `ideological apparatus' ­
controlling people by `brainwashing'
Schools work to ensure those who need to
work do so cooperatively believing that it is
just and reasonable.
This means that failing pupils is not failing of
the system but it is what education was
designed to do. So working class pupils who…read more

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