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Rhys ap Gruffudd Rebellion - Causes
Lord Ferrers was an
Not offered his of South Wales
overbearing, arrogant
grandfather's public was given to
and domineering
offices. Walter Devereux,
person who's attitude
Lord Ferrers.
caused Rhys and his
ambitious wife to react.
Oppressions of the great,
the infiltration of English
Social unrest in South
Wales Political laws and administrative
practises were met with
hatred from the Welsh.
In the south west a
big influx of Anglo-
Irish immigrants
arrived in the 1520's
due to the earl of
Desmond rebellion.…read more

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Rhys ap Gruffudd Rebellion - Events
June 1529
Rhys was released on bail of
A dispute concerning the lodging This occasioned a riot, probably
£1000 and in November 1529 he
of their men in Carmarthen led to inspired by Rhys' wife, Lady
was tried before the Star
an open confrontation between Catherine. The riot was made to
Chamber. The case ended with an
Rhys ap Gruffudd and Lord Ferrers appear more alarming than it
injunction to Rhys and Ferrers to
as a result of which Rhys was really was by enemies of Rhys ap
make peace with another and
arrested and placed in custody in Gruffudd.
among their followers.
Carmarthen Castle.
October 1530
The Emperor Charles V's A warrant was issued for the
ambassador reported that Rhys arrest of Rhys' uncle ­ James ap
During the months that followed,
was accused of having tried to Gruffudd ap Howell. He was
it seems likely that Rhys was
procure means of escaping and lodged in the Tower where he
living in London and he may well
going either to Charles V or to remained untill June of the
have been plotting some form of
Scotland where he hoped to be following year. He was released
revenge against Lord Ferrers.
able to plan an attack against on the grounds of ill health but
Henry VIII was taken back into custody in
September…read more

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Rhys ap Gruffudd Rebellion - Results
Tried before King's Bench Rhys adopted the name of
in November 1531 on a Fitz Urien and planned to
charge of having plotted take control and planned to
and conspired to depose take control of the
Henry and replace him Principality following the
with James V of Scotland planned Scottish victory.
Evidence against him
was circumstantial and Results
suspect, but he was
found guilty and
executed on 4th
December 1531…read more

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Rhys ap Gruffudd Rebellion - Results
Enemy of Anne Boleyn Rhys has clear sympathies
(who was in favour of with Catholicism (Henry VIII
Henry VII) was in negotiations with the
Rhys' presence in the
far-south-west could
be an embarrassment His Catholic sympathies,
to the king who was Why was he executed combined with reported
concerned with the disorders in
good governance of Pembrokeshire, created a
the area (appointed dangerous situation for a
Lord Ferres) government which was
contemplating a breach
with Rome (foreign,
Catholic powers could use
this location as launch pad
for an invasion of England…read more


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