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Kett's Rebellion - Causes
Hatred of John
Gave support to the Attacked Landlords Flowerdew in Flowerdew
"Common Wealth greed Norfolk outraged the
Men" town of
with his greed
Appointed John
Hales to lead a Protector
commission into Somerset Personality Clashes
Passed an Act of
Created a special Protecting the
sheep tax on rights of copyhold
enclosed land tenants on his
own estate Flowerdew's fences
and hedges uproot by
the rebels…read more

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Kett's Rebellion - Causes
Fences and hedges
were opposed to Attack on Flowerdew's Rebel articles aimed
enclosure in wooded enclosure triggered the towards more competent
pasture areas. rebellion and involved Clergy rather
than controversial doctrinal
Enclosures Farming issues Poor quality of priests and
Religion failure to fulfil their duties
First article of the
rebels demands
opposed any further Rebels inclined towards New Prayer book
enclosure Protestantism…read more

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Kett's Rebellion - Causes
21st June 1549
Rebels complained The herald Rebels ran
strongly about the rejected Kett's Mousehold heath
(extortionately high
increase in rent demands camp
rents) passed onto the
Peasantry by Landlords
Time of hardship The rebels
for the Bad local Effectively set up
Rents Peasantry government their own court
Came at the time of No gentry involvement in the
rapid inflation rebellion…read more

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Kett's Rebellion -
Flowerdew orders the Kett manages to take
10th July 1549
Rebels reach Norwich and
by the 12th they had an
crowd to attack Robert Kett' control of the crowd and
encampment on Mousehold
s hedges becomes the ringleader.
Heath with a crowd of
21st July the York herald
arrived to offer a full pardon
to those who dispersed. He
The size and speed of the
promised to prohibit landlords Kett produces a list of
movement paralyzed the
from acting like farmers, or articles (demands) and
authorities. The local gentry
clothiers, to reduce the price waits for a government
were powerless against the
of wool by a third and also to response
appoint commissioners to
reform abuses. Kett rejected
the offer.
30th July William Par arrives
and occupies Norwich. He
Somerset send an army of
offers a full pardon to those
1,800 under the command of
22nd July the rebels capture who disperse, only 20
William Parr, Marquis of
Norwich. responded to his offer.
Northampton to Norwich.
Kett's army attacks and
retakes Norwich.…read more

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Kett's Rebellion -
Northampton retreats to London.
Militias were raised , troops 26th August Kette decides to
William Parr's (Northumberland)
army was bolstered by another 1,000
garrisoned on the Scottish border abandon his fortified position at
foreign mercenaries.. On the 27th
were drawn in and mercenaries were Mousehold Heath to construct
August battle commenced, resulting
hired by the Crown. Earl of Warwick defences in the vale of
in 3,000 rebels killed and Kett was
arrives with a force of 12,000 men Dussindale.
outside Norwich on 23rd August…read more

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Kett's Rebellion - Results
26th November Kette
49 rebels executed
tried for treason and
Results…read more


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