Acts of Union

What reputation did Wales have under Henry VII?
Crime and disorder and was striken by widespread poverty.
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Why was Wales like this at this time?
a result of the feuds and fighting generally between the marcher lordships
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Who was there hostiltiy between in wales?
ambitious welshmen and the english officals that stood in their way (could not be JPs only deputies)- also henrys harsh legislation had resulted in strong feelings of grivence againsit the english
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What were Henry VII's polices directed at?
a desire for adminstritive efficiency rather than concern for his fellow countrymen
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what was Aruther given in 1493?
the title of prince of wales and with it poession of the principality aswell as a number of marches
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How did Henry remove some of the restrictions imposed by Henry IV?
he issued a series of charters to some towns and counties in north wales
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How did welshmen benifit under Henry VII?
Welshmen were allowed at court and some became bussinessmen in London - rewards granted to welsh supporters who helped to tighten the bonds between central gov and welsh regions
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From 1536 onwards cromwell introduced significant changes, what were his main aims?
to establish a uniformed system of government in wales and england.
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Where were the marcher lordships located in wales?
southern and eastern boarders
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What made it easy for criminals to evade the peanalties of their crimes?
Each area had differant sets of officals, whose jurisdiction was limited to their own area.
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What exopse the weakness of the royal government in the outlaying regions?
the kings demand for heavy taxaition to fund the french wars
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How did the king try and solve this?
Mary (daughter) was sent was sent to shorpshire to head the council in the principality and the marches- it was presided over by John versey but had little success in obtaining any justice or order
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What event highlighted the extent of social unrest in wales in the 1520s?
The activites of Rhys ap Gruffudd reinforced the crowns weakness in wales alongside other welsh gentry vocing their concerns
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What did Thomas phillips do in 1532?
presented a petion to cromwell requesting immedite action from the government
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What was done in 1534 to strenghten the kings authority in wales?
Bishop of conventry, Rowland Lee was appointed president of the council in the principality and the marches
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How did Rowland Lee rule?
He was a strong beliver in using fear using capital punishment in some cases- 500 men executed in his first 6 years in wales (likely exaggrated)
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What did many of the welsh gentry want?
a uniformed legal and adminstrative systems
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What did the petion that Sir john price present request?
that the welsh 'be recived and adopted the same laws and privledges which other subjects enjoy'
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Why did they want this?
Although some were already benifitting from english administration in parts of wales a statutory declration would increase these oppertunties
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What had the king managed to do in 1530?
aqquire many on the marcher lordships which increased the strengh of his power in the marches
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What did thsi mean?
that the majority of welsh lands lay within the principality, crown lordships or within the Duchy of lancaster (lands belonging to the house of lancaster)
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What did Sir Richard Bulkley (sheriff of anglesey) report?
that unless measures were taken to supress discontent wales could follow the path of ireland- there was also the posilbity that wales could be used as a landing place and passage to england by catholic crusaders
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What were the main advantages of the Acts of Union to welsh people?
1. gave landowners and oppertunity to be involed in local and national politics 2. could now become JPs 3. given same rights as english 4. welsh shires given the right to vote for one MP in the HOC
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What were the Benifits of the Acts of union to the king?
1. Brought simpler and better order to wales 2. easier to enforce law remained peaceful
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What were the disadvantages of the Acts of union to the welsh people?
1. laws written in English so diffcult to understand 2. to be a JP you would need to speak english 3. stops traditional welsh laws and customs 4. affects welsh language and heritage 5. welsh gentry began acting more like english to improve social st
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In 1536 what law did the English parliment enact?
'Act for Laws and Justice to be ministered in like and form as it is in this realm'
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What were the two major politcal changes that this led to?
1. welsh counties given right to elect an MP to the HOC 2. Each borough was given the righ to elect an MP to the HOC
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How did the a statue in 1543 define the union in greater detail?
1. Marches were merged into the welsh counties 2. council of wales and marches were reorganised as a permenat institution to direct and supervise the gov of wales and boarding counties
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What did the reformation of the welsh council make signifcant controbutions to?
the enforcment of welsh laws in wales and welsh landowners to parcipate in local and national poltics to an extent that had never been possible before
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What is an indication of the success of the Acts of union?
that despite reliogus and economic upheavals which led to rebellions elsewher in the country wales remained peaceful in the 17th century.
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Why was Wales like this at this time?


a result of the feuds and fighting generally between the marcher lordships

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Who was there hostiltiy between in wales?


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What were Henry VII's polices directed at?


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