Tudor Rebellions


Rhys ap Gruffudd Rebellion

  • Took place following a dispute between Rhys ap Gruffudd and Lord Ferrers concerning the lodging of their men in Camarthen. 
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Pilgrimage of Grace 1536

  • Greatest social uprising during Henry VIII's reign.
  • Took place in the North and was led by Robert Aske.
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Kett's Rebellion

  • Took place in East Anglia.
  • Wasn't against the monarchy but was against the local landlords.
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Wyatt's Rebellion

  • Took place in January 1554.
  • Uprising againstthe monarch (Queen Mary at the time).
  • Led by Thomas Wyatt.
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Northern Rebellion 1569

  • Catholic rebellion - led by Northern nobles.
  • Attempt to depose of Queen Elizabeth I and to replace the current monarch with Mary Queen of Scots.
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