Revision cards for studies on gender

Revision cards which can be printed and stuck back to back to create revision cards. Has some but not all of the studies which can be used in relation to the various topics within gender, colour coded.

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Studied the Batista family ­ Studied 16 ge
Imperato- four girls who had AIS and
developed penises when Reiner and with no penis
girls. By age
they were in their teens reassigned the
McGinley Gearheart mal
Criticism. Ma
Believe social more
Money and important ­ rearing of child
reasons f
beats biological. Tzedakis other than
Ehrhardt natural d
Took cortiso
Examined personal ads ­ students befor
Waynforth found that men seeked exam ­ levels i
attractiveness whilst Ennis males, decr
and Dunbar women offered it females ­ sup
and bef
Meat-sharing hypothesis ­
men may have used meat Baren-Coh Autism ­ extr
Stanford (resources) to attract brain in line
women en theo
Biosocial theory. Thought
that social rearing more Social role the
Money and important than biological ­ Eagly and roles came f
by age of 3 child would psychologica
Ehrhardt adopt assigned gender. Wood happe

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Criticism.…read more

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Studied tribes in Papua
New Guinea. Found gender Studied male s
and DOL is cultural spatial task
Mead relativism ­ relative to Berry occurred in
each tribe.…read more


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