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I. The formation, maintenance and breakdown of
romantic relationships
1. Formation
A. Maslow
1. Basic need for affiliation
2. To belong and be accepted by others

B. Clore and Byrne Reward Theory (Reward Need Satisfaction Theory)
1. P Hall's personal space, Felipe and Sommer's library
2. E+F Argyle ^…

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based on reallife situations involving obser + interviews
real life couples ^ ecological validity relates to our own experiences
research evidence support from K + D
can help people with relation problems
Spreecher couples matched in phys attrac > LT relationships
Walster mismatched couples lead to insecurity of the inferior…

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reductionist approach as not everything is down to phys attr. Ignores body language rudeness, effect of
culture specific as studies have been done in western countries. E.g. In collec socarranged marriages have
minimal role of phys attra cant be applied across cultures.
ethical issues of Walsters researchthey were told…

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Applied research to refugee camps, abusive partners why women still stay women had felt the
greatest commitment to their rel when their economic alt were poor and investment was great.
Commitment *satisfaction *comparison with others *substantial investment, e.g. Mutual friends,
shared property, emotional I barriers to dissolution break up nu…

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Is Open to rel but doesnt enter them thoughtlessly
Is Aware of others faults, but not overcritical
Is Willing to work to improve a rel or tke action whn partners turn nasty or break rules of rel
Is Rational and sensible, brings closure to rel only after trauma, hard work…

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Face: Cunningham types of female faces found attractive by men. Usually associated with young
childrenlarge wide eyes, small noses and chins. Some with maturity, e.g.. Prominent cheekbones,
narrow cheeks, dilated pupils, wide smiles. Waynforth masculine facial features inc. squared jaw,
ridged eyebrows, small eyes and a symmetrical face were preferred…

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characteristics in increasing numbers to succeeding geenrations while those less
adapted tend to be eliminated.
"Suvival of the fittest/healthiest"
E.g. Beetles green and brown, green eaten y crow, brown ^, only brown left.
4. Sexual Selection
Acts on the organisms ability to obtain a mate, selection tht is driven by…

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Dreams Ellis and Symons men r more likely to hv sexual dreams than women, especially involving
no. Or anonymous partners and strangers.
many of the case studies in this area have ethical implications
Clark and Hatfield's study, uni students, involed deception and a lack of informed consent.
Buss and Schmitt…

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These strategies are flexible, for men and women.
Men S for ST most imp fertility and youth, willingness to engage in activity without
Men S for LT woman they choose shud be good in parenting, otherwise their offspring
maynt survive. They need partner to be faithful, cuckoldry, investment.

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problems in exp homosexual rel's

Parent Offspring Conflict

III. Effects of early experience and culture on adult
A. First Point
1. Supporting Point
2. Supporting Point

B. Second Point
1. Supporting Point
2. Supporting Point


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