GCSE OCR Ethics 1- Religion and Medical Ethics Summary Sheets

Summary sheets on each topic in medical ethics. 

Each sheet contains key words, issues, and different Christian views and quotes.

Topics include:

Sanctity of life


Fertility treatment and surrogacy




Animal testing for medical research

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Sanctity of life
Fertility treatment and surrogacy
Animal testing for medical research

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Sanctity of Life
Christians often say that they believe in the "sanctity of life." They mean that they believe there is
something special and holy about human life.

Key Words
Sanctity of life: the belief that there is something special or holy about life
Soul: the non-physical part of a…

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Abortion = the deliberate termination of the foetus from the uterus. Sometimes called a `procured' or
`direct' abortion.

Doctrine of double effect = if doing something morally good has a morally bad side-effect, it is right to do
it, providing the bad side-effect was not intended.
Foetus= A young human…

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AID= Artificial insemination by a donor.

AIH= Artificial insemination by husband.

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) = when sperm and an egg are put together outside the body, in a lab. An embryo is formed which is then
transferred into a woman's womb.


A woman might not know who her…

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Key Words
Surrogate= a woman who bears a child on behalf of another couple, who can't have a child.

It is an offence to advertise that you are looking for a surrogate or willing to act as one.
The legal mother of the child born through surrogacy is always…

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Key Words
Cloning= create genetically identical copies of DNA fragments, cells, or organisms.

Genetics= studying the heredity of genes; DNA contains these genetic instructions.

Reproductive Cloning= cloning which creates offspring. Used to produce an animal with the same DNA
as another animal
Stem cells = single cells which have…

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Key Words

Suicide= the act of trying to kill yourself intentionally.

Sanctity of Life= the belief that all human life is sacred and unique because it is "made in the image of

Is suicide always the way out of suffering?
Christian reasons against suicide:

God chooses when…

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Euthanasia is related to suicide, because it is about people choosing when and how a life should end-
either their own life, or the life of someone who is unable to make the choice. The difference between
suicide and euthanasia is that euthanasia involves more than one person
Key Words…

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"Don't you know that you are the temple of God?" 1 Corinthians 3:16-17
Jesus healed the sick and dying, he did not kill them. Christians have a duty to help others who are
suffering, not kill them.
Humans have a responsibility to use God's gifts to the full, not end…

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Stewardship= looking after something for someone else.
Medical Research= scientific experiments carried out to help cure disease.
Many animals are kept under horrible conditions.

Testing on animals is unnecessary and produces unreliable results.

God notices every living thing, and cares for them. Should we be testing on animals, then?…




This is so helpful, thank you so much!!



Really good, but Catholics disagree strongly with everything bar animal testing... there is a statement which suggests they would accept cloning to advance and benefit human life, however this would be a more liberal view. 

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