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Good and Evil- Key Words
· Immanent- God is within all.
· Transcendent- God is above all.
· Anthropomorphism- limiting God with human images.
· Agnostic- someone who believes that it is impossible to know whether or not God exists.
· Atheist- someone who does not believe in God.
· Good- the source of all that is right.
· Evil- the source of all that is wrong.
· Sermon- an extended speech delivered by a holy person. It contains powerful religious and spiritual
· Monotheism- to believe in only one God
· Analogy- using a word symbolically to suggest something else.
· Doctrine- a way of thinking.
· Amoral- without a concept of morality.
· Moral-
· Immoral-
· Redemption- The idea that sins can be forgiven and a person can be redeemed.…read more

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Beliefs about God
· 3 ways of thinking about God- Trinity
­ God who is the Father- the transcendent creator
­ God who is the Son- Jesus, who is immanent and
personal, and he came to earth and lived a human
­ God who is the Holy Spirit- immanent but
impersonal. The inspiration and guidance to
Christians every day.…read more

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Beliefs about God
· God is omnipotent- all powerful
· God is omniscient- all knowing
· God is omnipresent- always everywhere
· God is omnibenevolent- perfectly good and loving
· God made everything good- Genesis 1:31- `God
saw all that he had made and it was very good'
· He will judge everyone.
· He created the universe for a purpose.…read more

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Beliefs about the Devil
· Early Christian belief- Satan was an angel who
was jealous of God and turned against him.
· "The Tempter"- leads into temptation.
· Also known as Satan or Lucifer.…read more

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Natural and Moral Evil
· Natural Evil- evil that is not caused by humans.
­ e.g. 2004 tsunami, 2010 Haiti earthquake
· Moral Evil- evil that is the result of human
­ e.g. murder of Anthony Walker, twin towers
terrorist attack
· Overlap­ famine, Spanish influenza…read more

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Why is there evil in the world?
· Literal Christians- We have inherited original sin
from Adam and Eve in the Creation Story.
­ Creation Story, Genesis- God created the first humans,
Adam and Eve, perfectly good in a perfectly good
world. However, they were tempted by the devil and
disobeyed God allowing evil to come into the world.
Also known as `The Fall'.
· Liberal Christians- The Creation Story is a
metaphor and `the Devil' is a poetic way of
describing the absence of God.…read more

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