Religious Studies GCSE notes for unit 1

here are the unit one notes for the R.E exam

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Crime and punishment
Sin an act of will against God
Crime an act of will against the law
Justice the act of crime or punishment on what is right
Deterrence the act of the punishment is severe it will put people off committing the
Retribution the act of the punishment fits the crime
Reform the act of punishment which is given and the criminal has come out a better
Judgment the act of someone getting evaluated on their actions
Capital punishment the act of death as a punishment
Addiction the act of someone doing stuff continuously
Rehabilitation where someone is put back into society
Responsibility where someone is responsible for their actions
Christianity And Justice
Christians agree with justice because
The golden rule states treat others how you would like to be treated
The Bible says God is a God of Justice
Jesus says the rich should share with the poor
On judgment day god will evaluate your actions
Christianity And Justice
Muslims agree with justice because:
The Qu'ran says Allah is a God of justice
The Qu'ran says every Muslim should be treated fairly
Allah will reward the good and punish the bad
The Muslim law is based on justice
Christianity And Capital Punishment
Some Christians believe in capital punishment because
The Old Testament involves capital punishment as a punishment
St.Paul said you should accept the law and that involves capital punishment
Some Christians disagree with capital punishment because
Jesus came to earth to reform people and capital punishment does not reform people
It goes against the Christian law (love and forgiveness)
It goes against the sanctity of life
Jesus said an "eye for an eye" is wrong

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Muslims And Capital Punishment
Muslims agree with capital punishment because
Muhammad sent people to death
The Qu'ran teaches about deterrence
Muhammad said several statements believing in capital punishment
Christian's Attitude To Drugs And Alcohol
Christians disagree with drugs because:
God gave our body and we should not abuse that with intoxicants
Drugs can break down marriages and relationships
Some Christians do drink alcohol because there is no statement in the bible where
alcohol is forbidden
However mist don't because it can make you act in…read more

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Peace and Conflict
Weapons of mass destruction weapons that can destroy large areas of land
Pacifism Someone who is against violence and refuses to kill or go to war
Just War a war that is fought in the right way and for the right reasons
Conflict resolution the end of conflict
United Nations an international body that its main aim is to get world peace
Aggression where you attack someone without being provoked
Exploitation taking advantage of someone who is weaker than you
Respect…read more

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Christianity And Forgiveness
Christians agree with forgiveness because:
Jesus died on the cross for forgiveness
The Lord Prayer states "forgive me my sins as I forgive others"
Jesus told peter to forgive not 7 times but 77 times
Muslims And Forgiveness
Muslims believe in forgiveness if sinners turn on their sins
Muslims should be merciful because Allah is
There are many sayings from Muhammad agreeing with forgiveness
However they don't forgive if it plots against Islam
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Weapons of mass destruction weapons…read more

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There are other religious groups that work towards world peace such as The Muslim
Fellowship group…read more

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Rights and Responsibilities
Bible the holy Book for Christians
Church the community of Christians
Conscience an inner feeling of rightness and wrongness
The Decalogue the ten commandments
Democratic Process the way in which citizens can take part in government
The Golden Rule treat others how you would like to be treated
Human Rights the rights and freedoms everyone is entitled to
Genetic Engineering a scientific process that involves changing plants or animals DNA
Political Party a group of people that try to be elected…read more

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Disadvantages of
Is hard to interpret
Is meant to be read by church ministers
Does not contain modern issues in it
Some people may disagree with the churches teachings
It is very strict and has certain rules you have to follow
Some may not have access to a church
It isn't always right
Situation ethics
Some situations are to complicated for this
Situation ethics may involve breaking the law
Some people may disagree what is the most loving thing to do
Human…read more

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There could be long term consequences
Environmental And Medical Issues
Artificial Insemination inserting semen into a uterus artificially
Embryo a fertilised egg in the first eight weeks of conception
Global Warming the rising of the earth's temperatures
Infertility where someone is infertile and cannot have babies
IVF the method of fertilising a human egg in a test tube
Organ Donation where you donate you organs so they can be used in surgery
Surrogacy where a woman carries a baby on behalf of another mother…read more

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It is expensive
Money could be spent on people with life threatening illnesses
Its not always guaranteed to work
Christians And Fertility Treatment
Catholics are against fertility treatment because
It is messing with God's creation, only god can give children anything else is unnatural
IVF involves killing some embryos, this is seen as killing to Catholics
However other Christians agree with fertility treatment because
There is story in the bible of Jesus giving an infertile woman a baby
If god gave us the skills for…read more

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Some Muslims Agree with Transplant Surgery Because
Islam is an act to stop suffering
It is seen as a charity
However Some Muslims Disagree With Transplant Surgery Because
You should not mess with Allah's creation
God ahs a plan for everyone and you should not interfere with that…read more


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