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3.1 ­ changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family life and homosexuality in the UK
Most people now have sex before marriage
Cohabitation is seen as socially acceptable with most couples living together before marriage
The average age for marriage has increased from 25 to about 30
Fewer marriages take place…

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3.3 ­ the purposes of marriage in catholic Christianity
The So that a couple can have a life-long relationship of love and faithfulness
purposes So that the couple can have the support and comfort of each other
of catholic For the procreation of children
marriage For the bringing up of…

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3.5 ­ why family life is important for Catholics
One of the main purposes of a catholic marriage is to have children and bring them up in a loving
catholic environment so that they will love God and follow Jesus.
Catholicism teaches that the family was created by God as…

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3.7 ­ how catholic parishes help to keep families together
During mass the priest may remind parents of the vows they made in their marriage ceremony and also
of other reasons not to divorce
The parish priest is always available to give help and advice to couples having family problems…

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3.9 ­ different methods of contraception
People have tried to prevent having a child because of the health of the mother, to provide more food
Contracept for the family unit and to provide a better standard of living for the family
ion 90% of the sexually active population of childbearing…

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3.11 ­ how an issue from marriage and the family had been presented in one form of the media
Examples Keeping mum, brideshead, bride wars, 27 dresses etc.
The issue is important
How it was presented
Be able to Whether the presentation was fair to religious beliefs
say why: Whether…


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