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RE Revision: Crime and Punishment

Theories of Punishment
Criminals pay for their crime proportion to its severity.
Criminals suffer for what they've done, just as victims suffer.
It actually punishes the crime. Definition of punish is `to make an offender suffer what they've done.'
The idea that if…

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RE Revision: Crime and Punishment

Capital Punishment
For Against
If people know they will lose their life if they murder If a murderer knows he will be killed if caught, he is more
someone it will act as a deterrent and there will be fewer likely to kill more people…

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RE Revision: Crime and Punishment

Health Problems
Increases the risk of at 50 medical conditions including dementia and digestive problems.
Causes some conditions ­ some cancers, coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema.
Can affect male fertility.
During male pregnancy, harms unborn babies & can cause complications during pregnancy…

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RE Revision: Crime and Punishment

The Bible teaches that consumption of alcohol impairs judgement, inflames passions and invites violence (Leviticus
Concerns about the social and health problems caused by drugs and alcohol lead them to feel that Christians should
set an example of a good and healthy lifestyle.


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