Re Revision Notes (UNIT 8)

So I've just done the first half of my GSCE in RE. On the front of my paper it had Unit 8 but I'm not sure what that is. I went through my textbook and wrote out the key points and everything I needed to know. Color coded. Hope it helps.

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Rights and responsibilities:
· Moral decisions C 4
· Situation ethics C 8-9
· Conscience C 6-7
· Human Rights C 14-15
· Democratic and electoral process C 16-17
· Golden rule, parable of the sheep and goat, am I my brother's keeper 18-19
· Engineering and cloning C 22-23
Environmental and medical issues:
· Stewardship C 34-35, J 38-39
· Infertility treatment 44-45
· Infertility treatment C 46-47, J 49
· Transplant surgery C 54-55, J 57
Peace and conflict:
· United nation 62-63
· Religions promote world peace 65
· War C 70-71, J 73
· Bullying C 77, J 88
· Religious conflict in families 83-84
· Forgiveness C 85, J 86
Crime and Punishment:
· Justice C 96, J 99
· Capital Punishment C 104-105, J 107
· Drugs and alcohol C 114-115, J 117
· General 121-122

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The authority of the Church as a basis for making moral decisions for Christians:
They believe the Church is the body of Christ (the Church is how Christ works in the world). The
Church must have the same authority of the Christ.
They believe that God speaks through the Church.
The church is a community of Christians; this means it is guided by God and able to make decisions
on moral issues.…read more

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That people are made by God and are one human family, this is shown in the Parable of the Sheep
and the Goats.
Christians need rights to be able to share their beliefs, to meet to worship and to celebrate festivals
such as Easter.
Rights ensure that Christians won't be discriminated, for example they won't get paid less just
because they're religious and their boss isn't.…read more

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Beliefs about stewardship to the environment [Christianity]:
God taught Christians to leave the earth in a better place in which they found it for future
That stewardship is fair sharing of the earth's resources means that Christians should try and change
the quality of life for those less fortunate.
That after death you are judged by God on their behaviour of stewardship so therefore it's a
Christian's duty to look after those who are less fortunate.…read more

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The belief that stewardship means that every Christian should judge what they do individually by the
standards of Christian stewardship.
Beliefs about stewardship to the environment [Judaism]:
By being Gods stewards Jews need to try and reduce pollution and preserve resources for the
The Tenakh and Talmud say that stewardship means a fair sharing of the earth's resources so Jews
should try and improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.…read more

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Why the United Nations are important for peace, how they stop any threats to world peace:
Imposing sanctions (banning trade, communication and cultural links) on countries that threaten
world peace.
Authorising the use of force to stop an aggressor.
Sending a UN peacekeeping force to prevent outbreaks.…read more

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Organising public debates on the bad side of wars and conflicts and encouraging their followers to
support political parties who feel the same way.
Making public statements like protests about war, the public opinion could be changed.
Organising and attending inter-faith conferences to help all religions work together, many conflicts
are caused by religious differences.
To work for economic justice and global recognition of human rights to remove the causes of war.…read more

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Christians believe in forgiveness because:
Jesus died on the cross for forgiveness so Christians should respect that and forgive others.
Jesus said if people don't forgive those who sin against them, God won't forgive their sins.
St Paul said Christians should try to live in peace with everyone and the only way to do that is to
forgive those who have done wrong.
Christianity is based on forgiveness and reconciliation so all Christians should be committed to
forgiveness.…read more

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It isn't possible to reform a criminal if they have been executed.
Jesus banned retribution when he said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is wrong.
Christianity teaches that life is sacred and only God can take life.
Most Christian Churches have condemned capital punishment.
Some Christians believe in capital punishment because:
The Bible sets death as a punishment for a number of crimes, so if God sets it, it must be allowed.…read more

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Artificial Insemination
Capital Punishment
Conflict Resolution
Democratic process
Electoral process
Forgiveness…read more


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These are brilliant, thanks!

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