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Rights and Responsibilities
Moral decisions

For Bible :
It is the word of God. God's guidance to humans and absolute authority for
decision making
It contains God's teachings on how to behave in a right way e.g The
It contains the teachings of Jesus and as he is the…

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Christianity is a religion of love and forgiveness
Jesus's statement of the only laws are to love your neighbor and this is why
Christians should always do the most loving thing
Its wrong to ignore the consequences of your actions, you should only do
what produces good results
Jesus followed…

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Some Christians are against the right to marry a person from a different faith
. Christians should only marry Christians
They are against the right to form civil partnerships because they believe
homosexuality is against Gods will.

Electoral Processes:

National government can pass new laws that affect your life. Taking…

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They also accept most of the non-religious arguments in favor of genetic
Religious arguments against:
They believe that genetic engineering is playing god and that is a great sin
They believe that god created genetic make up of each human at the moment
of conception and people have no…

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increase in the rat population to 70 million. Rats bring many diseases to
humans. Litter also chokes animals and causes thousands of road accidents.
Eutrophication ­ An excess of nitrates, nitrites and phosphates in rivers is
leading to a lack of oxygen and an increase in aquatic plants which is…

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· In the Genesis accounts of creation, God gave humans the right to rule over
the Earth. It gives humans control of animals, all other living creatures and
· The Old Testament teaches that humans have a responsibility to treat
animals humanely and to treat the land kindly.

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Life is given by God and no one has a right to children. It only allows methods which
do not threaten the sacredness of life and in which sex acts are natural. This means
all fertility treatments involving medical technology are banned because:
· IVF involves fertilising several eggs, some…

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· Christians who believe in resurrection believe St Paul's words that the body
will be transformed and that the resurrection body will not need the
physical organs.
· Jesus told Christians that they should love their neighbours and leaving
your organs to save lives after your death is a way…

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Peace and conflict
After WWII, countries of the world came together on the 24th October 1945 to form
an organization, which we know as the UN. The main aim of the UN is to promote
world peace and works to give all nations a voice. It's principles and aims are:…

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· Making public statements and organizing protests about war such as
condemning the Iraq war and Darfur conflict.
· Organizing and attending interfaith conferences to help all religions work
together and promote world peace.
· Working for economic justice and global recognition of human rights to
remove the causes of…


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