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Unit 1 = Religion & Conflict
(War, violence & peace)
Unit 2 = Religion & Medicine
(Sanctity of life, abortion, fertility, genetics)
Unit 3 = Religious Expression
(Places of worship, pilgrimage, interfaith dialogue)
Unit 4 = Authority ­ Religion & State
(Sources of authority ­ religious & secular, punishment)
Unit 5 = Suffering & Evil
(Creation, evil, suffering, free will)…read more

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Unit 1 = Religion & Conflict
(Christianity & Islam)
Key concepts:
· An `inner voice' that keeps a person on the right track
· The way a person knows right from wrong
· Something that helps a person choose right and avoid wrong
· An innate moral sense that guides actions and responses
· The belief that any form of violence or war is unacceptable
· Being unwilling to use any force or violence
· Avoiding all kinds of harm and violence to…read more

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· Renewing friendship or normal relationships
· Making up after a quarrel or dispute, and working together again
· Bringing harmony to a situation of disagreement and discord
· Reaching an agreement and understanding after serious dispute
"Do to others what you
would have them do to you"
"No one of you is a
believer until he desires
for his brother that which
he desires for himself"…read more

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Qualities of a good relationship
Give & Take Openness
Offering to
and No strings
receiving attached
Harmony Friendship
Unity & Unity with
being people who
together want to be
Tolerance Shared
Make interests &
allowances values.
& forgive With most
Truthful and
open even in
People have found that where these feelings are common, then the
relationships and friendships tend to be stronger and longer lasting.…read more

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Disagreement & Dispute
What causes conflict between people?
Differences of Opinions
Feeling Used
Not taken Seriously
Unfair treatment
Inequality…read more

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In any friendship or relationship between people, whether just two
people, or a wider group of friends, there are many different
interests and preferences to be considered. It is easy for someone
to feel left out, or feel that their wishes and ideas are not
considered. This means that keeping a relationship good and strong
needs working at; it needs giving and taking by all the people involved.…read more

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Conflict, violence & War
Is it ever right to fight?
War and peace are not easy terms to define.
By WAR we mean a violent conflict between
groups of people or nations.…read more

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Read the following case studies. Are they examples of peace?
Gemma has a row
with her mum and
storms out of the
house. After an hour
walking she returns
home but isn't going
to apologise because
in her mind her mum
is wrong.
Steve is a soldier in
Iraq. He patrols the
streets everyday
carrying a semi ­
automatic weapon.
He has never fired his
gun or been fired at.
Mr North has a reputation
amongst the other teachers for
having a quiet classroom.…read more

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Peace is about more than an absence of war!
z Peace is about being happy and contended within.
z People speak about finding inner peace.
z Many religious people say that their faith brings them inner
z Religious people wish for world peace.…read more


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