RS - Short Course Revision Notes


Relationships - Sex before marriage, Abstinence, Contraception, Adultery, Marriage, Marriage ceremonies, Civil Partnerships, Divorce

Equality - Racism, Sexism, Other religions

War Peace and Justice - The Just War Theory, Pacifism, Treatment of Criminals, Punishment, Social Injustice

Medical Ethics - Abortion, Fertility Treatment, Euthanasia, and Animal Testing

Includes Bible quotes to support points, different Christian Attitudes and facts that you could use in your exam :)

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Sex in relationships
Roman Catholic ­ No sex before Marriage
Couple should be committed and exclusive to each other
Every sexual experience should have the potential to create new life,
and the proper place for children is in marriage
Church of England ­ marriage is the proper place for sex
Do allow sex in cohabitation, when the couple intend to marry
Sex is an act of love and loyalty and a promise of commitment and
The `True love waits' campaign encourages teenagers to remain abstinent until marriage
Roman Catholic ­ No.
Every Sexual experience should have the potential to create new life,
which is not possible with any form of contraception
Pope recently said that in the war against AIDS in developing
countries, condoms could be acceptable to help prevent the spread.
"Go forth and multiply"
Church of England ­ Acceptable if agreed on by both partners
Unfair to bring children into an environment that isn't ready for them

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Church of England is based on changing times
Some only accept contraception that prevents conception e.g. Pill and
condom, however some like Morning after pill allow conception but
cease development, and are unacceptable ­ depends on view of when
life begins ­ early abortions
The joining of two people and legal contract that those people will stay together forever
Exchange of rings ­ A symbol of commitment and a sign to others of marriage.…read more

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Allows separation and to live apart but not to remarry or have other
relationships ­ to engage in sexual activity would be considered
Allows annulment in the situation of alcohol influence, not
consummated and forced marriage
"No human being must separate what god has joined together"
Church of England ­ Acceptable
Works with the couple to try and solve their problems, but accepts
that relationships don't always work out, and divorce is sometimes for
the best.…read more

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Jesus chose only male disciples
"Woman should remain silent in churches, they are not permitted to
Church of England ­ debateable
Do allow woman priests but not bishops
Moves with society
After being resurrected, Jesus appeared firstly to women.
"There is neither...Male nor Female for you are all one in Christ Jesus"
Women outnumber men in the world 52% to 48% but only earn 10% of the world
income and 1% of the worlds property.…read more

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The Just War Theory
Created by Thomas Aquirus to limit war damage after the Crusades
No more force than necessary and civilians should not be targets
Reasonable chance of success
Everything done to ensure safety good instead of evil comes from the war
Started by a sovereign authority ­ i.e. government/monarchy
Last resort
Good reason
Are bombing raids acceptable? No more force than necessary and civilians should not
be targets
The belief that peace should be the central value of Christians.…read more

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Amnesty International ­ campaign for human rights, protecting people who are denied
Catholic Church - believes Prisoners should learn to become valued members of society
and should have the right to vote
Church of England ­ believes offenders should be prepared to be integrated back
Into society
Supports victims and criminals
Encourages members to pray for criminals
"Freedom for the prisoners"
Aims of punishment ­
Protection ­ protecting public from danger
Deterrence ­ putting people off committing crimes for fear of punishment
Retribution…read more

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Roman Catholic: Never acceptable
Believe that life begins at conception, only God can give and take
away life
`Thou shall not kill',
`Before I formed you I knew you, before you were born I set you
Church of England: Generally opposed, but sometimes acceptable ­ rape/deformed
It is the most loving thing to do
`Love thy neighbour'
"For better off are those who have never been born, who have never
seen the injustice that goes on in the world"
When someone who is…read more

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AID ­ by donor ­ brings another person into the marriage and is seen
as adultery. Also that masturbation is wrong.…read more


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