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Religion, War &
GCSE, AQA, Religious Education B…read more

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The causes of war
+ Conflict:
+ when people's ideas, interests, values or personalities
clash & cannot agree with each other.
+ refers to fighting that has been going on for some time.
+ When countries disagree and cannot settle their
differences by peaceful means, they often resort to
armed conflict or war.…read more

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Why do people go to war?
+ defend their beliefs, religion, freedom for example by
imposing their values on another country.
+ defend an ally/protect a weaker country that was unfairly
+ remove their own leader or government (civil war).
+ gain more land or regain territory lost.
+ gain wealth, power or important resources e.g. oil.
+ stop atrocities such as genocide (mass murder) in another
country or to depose a dictator (force a dictator to give up
power).…read more

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The Vietnam War
+ Vietnam, Southeast Asia, 1959 ­ 1975.
+ Communist government of North Vietnam, supported by other
communist countries fought against the government of South
Vietnam, supported by the USA and others.
+ Despite the superior equipment & power of the USA, the North won
the war.
+ The communists then reunified Vietnam and took over Laos and
+ Many millions killed in the conflict and the war created a massive
problem of refugees.
+ The refugees fled to South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia when the
conflict ended.
+ They risked death in boats that were not seaworthy to get away.…read more

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The Falklands Conflict
+ The Falkland Islands and South Georgia are British
territories off the coast of South America.
+ For a long time, Argentina has claimed the islands belong
to them.
+ In April 1982, Argentina invaded the Falklands and South
Georgia to take them over.
+ British sent a taskforce to protect the islanders and regain
control of the islands, and Argentina surrendered in June
+ The `war' had not been officially declared and was over in
74 days. 907 people lost their lives.…read more

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Consequences of war
+ Positive:
+ Freedom from and occupying power, or the replacement of a
corrupt government with something better can bring benefits
to a country's people.
+ Negative.
+ deaths and injuries among both members of the armed forces
and civilians.
+ Destruction of a country's economy, culture and
+ Disease and famine can spread when fresh water supplies
have been contaminated, and
+ homeless refugees are often reduced to living in camps in
squalid conditions.
+ Cost of conflict ­ enormous. Every hour, £100 million is
spent worldwide on weapons of war ­ money that could go
towards solving problems of poverty and hunger.…read more

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