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Long course section 2…read more

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Religion and social responsibility
· Christians believe God = ultimate source of
good. When making moral decisions they
follow God's teachings found in bible and
· Christians make moral decisions in 4 ways:
· Reading bible and following teachings
· Following teachings of church
· Their conscience
· Situation ethics…read more

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The authority of the bible
· The bible = holy book for Christians from God
· Divided into 2- Old Testament and New
Testament. The old testament = before Christ
with the mosaic law and Decalogue ( 10
Commandments). New testament = life and
teachings of Jesus
· It has 66 books
· Not all Christians understand the bible in the
same way…read more

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Authority of the Bible CONT.
Fundamentalists - the bible is completely
inspired by God and doesn't contain errors
Conservatives ­bible was inspired by God and
contains spiritual truths but the teachings
need to be reviewed periodically to keep them
relevant to today's society
Liberals ­the bible is inspired by God but the
writers used their own religious experiences
to communicate their beliefs and adapted
things to their culture…read more

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Authority of the Church
· The church has authority over lives of Christians
· Priests/vicars seen as sources of authority and
experts on meaning of bible and its application to
· Roman Catholic Church ­ pope, and bishops offer
moral guidance through letters from Pope called
· CofE ­ elected assembly to guide members called
General Synod
· Universal teachings that al churches believe =
Creeds…read more

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· Inner part of person where sense of wrong
and right is developed
· Some Christians believe that because of
human imperfection, the conscience is
imperfect and only believing in Jesus can
make it right
· Conscience needs to be trained ­ the more
right choices people make the more naturally
inclined they will be to make right choices…read more

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