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RE - Bullying
By Aimee…read more

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· Bullying: intimidating or frightening
someone weaker than yourself because
you feel more superior to them.…read more

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Why Bullies Bully?
· Bullies may have family problems
· Bullies may have been victims of bullying
· Bullies may want to look tough
· Bullies may dislike themselves and take it
out on other people…read more

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Affects of Bulling
· Depression and worrying
· School work suffering
· Change in one's behaviour and attitudes
· Running away from home
· Stop going to school
· Self harming
· Committing suicide…read more

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Prevention of Bullying
· Schools have anti-bullying policies in place
· Work places have trade unions to stop
workers from being bullied
· We all have human rights
· There are laws that regard verbal bullying as
assault and physical bullying could go as far
as causing grievous bodily harm, both can
carry prison sentences…read more

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· Childline is a free and confidential 24 hour
open counselling service for young people
and children
· Trained counsellors are at the other end of the
phone who can listen and give advice
· Childline deal with a whole load of problems,
not just bullying, including crime, sex issues,
family issues, racism and drugs…read more

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