Rights & Responsibility, Crime & punishment, Peace & Conflict, Environment & Medical Issues

I made this powerpoint for the whole unit 8. Im in year 11 currently studying for this exam, so I hope this is helpful for you guys like it is for me!

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Some Christians use the bible to make MD but some on the other hand don't because:
Contains God's
teachings ­ the
Decalogue = clear
Christians should NOT use the bible Christians SHOULD follow theguidance
moral bible
because: because:
·Church helps understand what bible ·Bible = word of God offer guidance to
means today humans about decision making
·Others rely on conscience & reason to ·Bible = teaches of how Christians
determine whether to follow the Bible should behave => Decalogue
to make MD
·Bible contains teachings of how Jesus
·Bible written by humans inspired by lived = SOD Christians must follow
God, needs alterations make useful for
modern world
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Some Christians use the situation ethics to make MD but some on the other hand don't
Christians should NOT follow situation Christians should follow situation ethic
ethic because... because...
·The Church knows better than the ·Wrong to ignore consequences of
individual YOUR actions ­ ONLY do what = GOOD
· God wouldn't have given laws in Bible
not to be followed, Bible = word of God · Christianity = religion of LOVE &
FORGIVENESS do what's right to show
· NEVER know ALL facts of any situation this
=> don't know what
·Jesus' stated only laws are; love God &
love your neighbour as yourself = always
do what's most loving
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Some Christians use the conscience to make MD but some on the other hand don't
Christians should NOT follow their Christians should NOT follow their
conscience because: conscience because:
·Follow Church (+1 opinion) = know what ·Conscience is like the voice of God
they do is right speaking to individuals
·Mistake the voice of God (Yorkshire ·Church says follow conscience as if
Ripper) it's the voice of God ­ Christians follow
· If you followed conscience rather than
laws, life = chaos & no-one know how to ·Teachings of Church & Bible not
behave/ what to expect from others ­ directly from God, but conscience is
society needs to agree on what is right & God speaking DIRECTLY to you
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Some Christians use the church to make MD because:
Christians SHOULD follow the church because:
·Church => Body of Christ (Church works in same was Jesus did in society => must have
same authority)
·Following guidance of Church = confident doing the right thing
·Expect Church to give guidance of Christian life, including making MD
·God speaks to the world today through the Church
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Use the Bible for straightforward, Use the Church as Magisterium applies
traditional issues, e.g. stealing, teachings in the Bible to modern life, but
adultery, murder. May use the may use their conscience and/or
Church and/or conscience for situation ethics for other issues, such as
more contemporary issues, e.g. supplying contraception to people in
civil partnerships, contraception Africa to help combat HIV/AIDS; civil
Use conscience they may need the Use situation ethics they may find
authority of the Bible or Church, if the situation too complicated =>
their conscience is telling them the safer to use the authority of the
opposite to accepted Christian Bible or Church to make the
teaching/behaviour decision…read more

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