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Religion: Peace and conflict

The United Nations and world peace

United Nations formed in 1945 after the end of the Second World War.
Aim of the UN was to preserve world peace and remove the causes of conflict by
encouraging economic, social, educational and cultural progress throughout the world


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All religions believe in world peace, but still religious people fight in wars. However, there are
groups in all religions which are anti-war and work for world peace.

How religious organisations work for world peace

Religious organisations do this by:

Organising pubic debates on the horrors of wars and conflict.…

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Ideological and political differences

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo two different political groups are fighting each
other for power
The Korean War began in 1949 when communist North Korea invaded South Korea with the
aim of uniting the country under communism

The nature and importance of the theory…

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Jesus never condemned the soldiers he met and actually commended the faith of Roman
The police force is needed to protect innocent people from criminals in the same way an
army to fight just wars is needed to protect innocent countries from criminal ones

Islam and attitudes to war…

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Muhammad said in his final sermon `Every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim' No one should
bully their brother and so Muslims should not bully anyone

Religious conflicts within families

Children no longer waning to take part in their parents' religion

Religions tell parents that it is their duty…

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Humanity had become split from God through sin but the forgiveness of sins brought by the
death of God's son.
Jesus has allowed reconciliation between God and humans by dying on the cross
Jesus said that if people do not forgive those who have sinned against them, God will not…

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World Peace The ending of war throughout the whole world.
This is the aim of the United Nations


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