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Good and Evil Revision Guide


The Devil:

     Christians believe that God is all good, and couldn’t cause all the suffering and evil in the world.

     Some Christians don’t believe in the Devil as they think that it is just a poetic / symbolic way to talk about the struggle which we all go through to be moral. They might also say that God wouldn’t create something bad like a Devil.

     Christians may believe in the Devil as they say that the Devil creates temptation to do evil in our mind.


The Fall, Original Sin and redemption:

     Many Christians believe that because Adam and Eve disobeyed God (by eating the forbidden fruit), this broke the perfect world and created ‘evil’.

     People believe they must have forgiveness after they have done something unmoral. This means that they could re-establish their special relationship with God.


The Problem Of Evil:

     Natural Evil: Tornadoes,




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