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The presidency
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Presidency envisaged by founding
· Both head of state and head of government
· Singular executive `the executive power shall
be vested in a president of US' opening words
of Article II of the constitution
· Created an indirectly elected president and
was to be chosen by electors
· Created a limited and checked president due
to the fear of tyranny
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Formal powers of the president
· Propose legislation
· Submit annual budget
· Sign legislation
· Veto legislation
· Act as chief executive
· Nominate executive branch officials
· Nominate all federal judges
· Act as commander in chief
· Negotiate treaties
· Pardon
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Powers of the president- Propose
· `The president shall from time to time give to the
Congress the information of the state of the union and
recommend to their consideration such measures as
he shall judge necessary and expedient'
· Proposes legislation to Congress through the annual
State of the Union Address
· Done at any time by calling a press conference or
making an announcement at a public event
· EG. Obama = 2010 state of the union address to
promote help for small businesses, infrastructure
building projects, financial reform, a new national
export initiative and financial aid for higher education
students as well as his flagship healthcare reform
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Powers of the president- Submit
annual budget
· The office of management and budget draws
up the annual federal budget for the president
· The OMB = part of the president's own
· President then submits the budget to congress
· Followed by a bargaining process between the
president and congress…read more

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Powers of the president-Sign
· Signing the bill into law will occur to the bills for
which they wish to take credit
· Elaborate bill signing ceremonies are often held
· EG. Ceremonies for the patient protection and
affordable care act in March 2010 Obama invited
democratic party leadership in Congress & the
widow of the late senator Edward Kennedy who
had made healthcare reform one of his life's
ambitions…read more

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