These are revision notes which i have gained from the govpol AQA A2 textbook on american politics, i have also used the internet on a minimal amount on my revision notes. ENJOY AND GOOD LUCK :) 

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The large size and diversity of the United States brings with it the need for decentralisation, for the
federal government established by the founding fathers (1787). As the US is characterized by a
federal government, all 50 states may practice different laws, crime and punishment etc.-

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THE THREE COMPROMISES (when drafting the US Constitution);

· The form of government
Under Great Britain the colonies had been ruled under a unitary form of government. Political power
rested with GB. The compromise was to devise a new form of government, a federal form of
government. This gives some…

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The founding fathers wanted limited government, by which government will only do what was
essential, leaving the citizens fundamental rights and freedoms as untouched as possible. This also
means that the 3 branches have to be separate in terms of personnel e.g. Barack Obama had to
resign as Senator when…

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* In 2007, the Democrat-controlled Congress attempted to limit President Bush's' spending on the military
operations in Iraq. The last time Congress declared war was on Japan in 1941.
* The Senate rejected the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty by 48 votes to 51.
Was intentionally made difficult…

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· Gun rights; District of Columbia v. Heller

Some feel guaranteeing abortion rights for women, fails to protect rights of unborn child.
2nd Amendment, right to own guns, court failed to protect citizens from gun crime and violence.
Banning prayer in schools, separation of church and state, harms 1st amendment…

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New federalism- as referred to by President Nixon. This era saw the rise of block grants (money
given to states by fed. govt. to be used within broad policy areas). This change in federal state
relationship coincides with the rule of 4 republican presidents. This type of federalism was

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Regionalism: as well as areas differing in culture, racial, religious and ideological views, the parties
also differ from state to state.





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