Updated Revision Pack on Federal Elections. Edexcel A2 course

A pack I put together for my students. It has past questions, newspaper articles and links to videos, allocated to sections tested in the Edexcel Government and Politics USA course.

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Why are US Presidential Elections campaigns so long?

Candidates should demonstrate an awareness that the following factors contribute to the length of US presidential elections:
· The invisible primary, lasting at least a year, with preparation for running in elections being made even earlier (the
2012 website for Mike…

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delegates and 41% of the total Republican Party delegates at stake. In the 2012 Republican race (Democrats didn't need one
as Obama was running for a second term) 437 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday, more than the total awarded so far in
the GOP (Grand Old Party ­…

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Q) According to the band `First Love' what are Rick Santorum's ideas? (There are also many parodies on
youtube against this song to highlight the opposing views.)

Q) What states should Newt Gingrich win? Why?


The Republican candidates split the Super Tuesday states, with Mitt Romney picking up…

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salaries to lock in staff who might later join their campaigns. The arrangement also allows candidates-in-waiting to travel to
meet prospective supporters, develop lists of potential donors, and build goodwill by giving money to fellow Republicans.

By contrast, Obama raised almost $26 million in the first three months of 2007,…

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Romney will also likely benefit from a socalled "super PAC" organized by some of his former political advisers with the
express intent of winning him the presidency in 2012. The group, Restore Our Future, announced Tuesday that it had
raised $12 million over the first six months of the year.…

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"Some of his competitors are looking at weak cashonhand positions that threaten to end their campaigns if they don't
change things by midAugust," said Henry Barbour, a Republican National Committee member from Mississippi.

Second, Romney remains very wealthy. In the 2008 campaign, he loaned himself $44.5 million. Romney has talked…

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New Hampshire and in violation of DNC rules they eventually backed down. In the end, Iowa and New Hampshire kept
their first positions, although the dates were moved forward in a ripple effect as other states advanced their dates.
Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the "front loading" of presidential…

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Both the Democratic and the Republican party agreed last year that no state could hold their presidential primaries
before February, and most states must hold them in March or later.
Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said the RNC's priority right now is working to…

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Once a candidate locks up a majority of the delegates, he or she can receive the party nomination.

The Platform

The national platform is an official statement of the Party's position on a wide variety of issues. Each issue category
included in the platform is a "plank."

A new platform…

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American elections, especially at the federal level, are extremely expensive which leads many voters to believe
that the eventual victor will be more concerned with meeting the needs of their financial backers than the needs
of voters, thereby making voting pointless.

Politicians have proved unable to effectively address many of…


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