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Elections and voting
Revision cards…read more

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Electoral college- Evidence of results
· 3 times in history= president lost popular vote
but won more EC
· Fixed elections= 4 years
· Disparity between popular vote and EC…read more

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How does the Presidential election
Occur on fixed terms every 4 years on the
Tuesday after the first Monday in November…read more

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How does the Presidential election
work? 5 stage process
· Invisible primary
­ Announcement of candidacy
­ Increasing name recognition and money raising
­ Intra party TV debates
­ Occurs a year before the elections
· Primaries and Caucuses
­ Helps show popular support for candidates as well as choosing delegates to attend national
­ Occurs January to early June
· National conventions
­ Allows for confirmation of Presidential and vice presidential candidate
­ Approve party platforms
­ Acceptance speech by candidate
­ August- September
· General election campaign
­ Campaign between candidates
­ Lasts from September to early November
· Election day and EC
­ Electorate go the polls
­ Electors vote in state capitals through EC…read more

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Presidential candidate fact file…read more

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Can anyone become president?-
Nature of the election process
· Candidate centred election
· Presidential election not legislative
· Amount of money required to campaign…read more

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