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The constitution
Revision cards…read more

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Historical context
· The enlightenment- the ideas of John Locke
-New way of thinking
-All creation was rational=possible for man to uncover
laws which regulated society, politics, the economy,
and even morality.
-These laws would teach mankind what we ought to be
and do.
-Western Christian civilization was incompatible
· The war of independence- April 1775
-War between the Great Britain and the Thirteen
- Grew into a world war between Britain and United
States, France, Netherlands, Spain, and Mysore
-America won, European recognition of the
independence (US)…read more

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Historical context
· The declaration of independence- 4th July 1776
-13 states were independent
- 4 political conclusions made= The natural ends of
government, Government by consent, the right of
revolution and natural constitutional rights
· Articles of the confederation-1781 and the
- Agreement among the 13 founding states,
established the USA as a confederation of
sovereign states and served as its first constitution
- Provided domestic and international legitimacy…read more

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Historical context
· The treaty of Paris- 1783
-The Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolutionary
- Acknowledging the United States to be a free, sovereign
and independent nation
-Establishing the boundaries between USA and British
North America
· Philadelphia convention- 1787
-Established to address problems in governing the USA
-Although the Convention was intended to revise the
Articles of Confederation, the intention from the
outset of many of its proponents was to create a new
government rather than fix the existing one.…read more

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Historical context
· New Jersey plan, the Virginia plan + Connecticut promise
-Proposal for the structure of the US Government
-The unicameral legislature with one vote per state was
inherited from the Articles of Confederation
- The Virginia Plan was a proposal for a bicameral legislative
-Connecticut Promise=Agreement that retained the
bicameral legislature and proportional representation in
the lower house, required the upper house to be
weighted equally between the states. (2 representatives
in upper house)
· New constitution signed- 17th September 1787…read more

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Significance of American history
Event Significance
Enlightenment Lead Americans to question British rule
The war of independence Helped America establish independence
Declaration of independence New ideas meaning men are equal
Articles of the confederation and Start of new constitution and new America
Treaty of Paris Ended war, gave America independence
Philadelphia convention Realised federal system was required and
the constitution was too weak
New jersey plan, Virginia plan and Defined government structure and
Connecticut compromise importance of the state
Constitution Fully functioning and effective constitution…read more

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