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Racial and ethnic politics
Revision cards…read more

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Importance of liberty and equality
· The American revolution and declaration of
­ An attempt to throw off tyrannical rule of GB
· Constitutional protection of liberty
­ Protects rights and responsibilities of citizens allowing
them to live freely
­ Limited government with citizens rights protected
· Multi-ethnic society
­ Many were seeking refuge from intolerance and
· The enduring American Dream…read more

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Civil rights
Positive acts of government designed to protect
people against discriminatory treatment either
by government or by other individuals or groups
within society…read more

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Civil liberties
Those liberties that guarantee the protection of
persons and properties from arbitrary inference
of government officials…read more

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Why there was a need for the civil
rights movement
· Not equal citizens
· Nothing against segregation (Jim Crow laws
introduced segregation)
· Rights in constitution had not been fulfilled
· State laws; denying rights of African
Americans…read more

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Acts and cases
· Brown V Board of education of Topeka (1954)
­ Declared a Kansas state law unconstitutional as it went against equal
protection of the law
­ Began desegregation of schools
· Civil rights act (1957)
­ Civil rights commission established to investigate wrongdoings and
encourage African Americans to vote
· Civil rights act (1964)
­ Dealt with 5 areas of discrimination and disadvantage
­ Voting, Public accommodations, schools, employment, federal funding
· Voting rights act (1965)
­ Use of literacy tests to deter African Americans to vote were made
· Civil rights act (1968)
­ Racial discrimination in housing was band…read more

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