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revision guide PHIL 3
The Philosophy Of Religion

This is not intended for use alone, it is to complement your own
revision, further reading, your class notes and handouts, and exam

Hayley Rennie


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General info on exam terminology:

Part A
Where you are being asked to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the relevant
subject matter
Define: Where you are being asked to specify the meaning of an expression
Define three of the following attributes of God: omniscience, omnipotence, transcendence,
immanence, supreme goodness.…

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James: it is rational to chose belief
Locke: no opposition between reason and faith, in fact to arrive at God via reason is a gift from God, it is
rational mans duty; God will judge our faithfulness to this gift.
Aquinas: faith and reason are complementary. Faith must be volitional,…

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William James: Our current religious faith could not have emerged from pure intellectual contemplation
Religious belief is only a `forced momentous and live option' because it is animated by a chance for personal
transformation and salvation.


Testimony: you claim you are acquainted with God ­ I should trust you.…

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If a miracle is not a suspension of a law of nature then it is not a miracle at all!
How can God be supremely good if he intervenes sporadically in the interests of the few? ­ Hospers "why
not stop or prevent a major catastrophe...instead of...turning water into wine,…

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Sample questions:
Evaluate the view that the expression of religious belief involves a commitment to a way of life rather than
a claim about what exists. (50 marks)

To what extent, if at all, have advances in scientific knowledge made cosmological arguments for the
existence of God less convincing? (50…


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