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The Value of Art & God and the World

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Hayley Rennie and Ian…

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PHIL 2 Question 3: The Value of Art

We may find value in it, even though we may have different ideas as to what it Art is. So what
Constitutes Art?

The Philosophy of Art is often referred to as 'Aesthetics'.

We are interested in understanding the nature of…

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It is this feeling which is the beauty of the object

These come from 'standards of Taste'- a collective human resource that leads to broad
consensus regarding Art

Seen through 'test of time'

Seen through collective wisdom of highly competent critics ­ 'delicacy of taste'

So Hume says that Aesthetic…

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Who should we eulogise? How do we link Art to talent? Is copying Artistic? Is that not how a child
begins an artistic journey? If Art represents the world and conveys truth, is this not some form of
copying anyway? Is there not skill nevertheless?

2 - Non-representational Art has…

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Perhaps all that can be done is to come to a consensus of opinion?

Art - Emotion

· Good art is moving or otherwise captures a mood or feeling. We describe and appraise it using an affective vocabulary. But
how can psychological…

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So if the art elicits good feelings of worth, such as charity, selflessness and love then it has a higher
value than those that bring about feelings of self indulgence, arrogance and selfishness.

But how can you measure this?

Should Art only be judged in relation how feel about it…

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Maybe it is both at once? The artist conveys the meaning, which the viewer then finds?

3 Problems with this view

1 ­ Emotion is Irrational

Emotional expression has not rationality and is therefore dangerous

Plato was concerned with this

Loss of control of Emotions, completely letting go, is not…

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Even if Art can express something, how Universal can this be? (link back to Kant and Hume)

We value Art because we are familiar with/ live within the context through which it is meant to be

For example, how things are valued may depend upon Religious affiliation?

Yet if…

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Does it add to artistic value?

The variation in formal aspects

Can all things that have form be classified as art?

Cookery? Haute Cuisine?

Fashion? Haute Couture?

Is it enough that food looks great, or clothes look great, if they are not practical? Are they Art if
they taste horrible…

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Each Art from is different and therefore has different qualities?

Does that make one art form truer than another?

Is it problematic that there is not one type of form that applies to all art?

Does this mean that considering art in according to its form reduces its value?



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