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Ontological Argument

o Unlike Design and Cosmological arguments, this is not based on
o A purely rational argument ­ a priori
Independent of experience ­ a strength, since our experiences
differ (otherwise we would either all believe in God or none of
us would)
o Ontological means "talking…

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Imagine the most perfect possible island
If this has all perfections then this must include existence and
therefore the island must exist
But (Descartes) only God has all the perfections and only God
had to exist necessarily
o Hume
Whatever is thought to exist could also be claimed not to…

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Allows for multiple faiths and religions
Responded to Russell's Santa analogy:
o Santa exists for anyone who believes in him
o Doesn't matter if he doesn't exist, he still does
o Norman Malcolm reformulated the ontological argument using prime
Before we learnt about prime numbers, they did not exist…


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