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Science Questions

1. Give an example of something God can do but nature cannot do.
2. How could we criticise Aquinas' second type of miracle? (this is not in the booklet you
have to use your brain)
3. How could we criticise the example used in Aquinas' third example of…

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5. According to Hume what do supporters of miracles abandon and love?
6. According to Hume what might the subjective viewpoint of a religious person cause
them to do?
7. According to Hume what gives a complete triumph for the sceptic?
8. According to Wiles what kind of God is…

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15.When is woman created?
16.What is the woman made from?
17.In the second story (and in contrast to the first) who is made first; humans or
18.Which story is Eden named?
19.What was the man commanded not to eat from?
20.How is the depiction of God in the second…

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2. According to Canon Peacocke, what can science be used for in relation to religion?
3. According to Peacocke how dies God create now?
4. What did Peacocke compare God and Her creation to?
5. What does immanent mean?
6. According to Peacocke what does evolution reveal?
7. According to…

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10.Where do some Hindu's think people and animals come from?
11.What happens when Lord Brahma sleeps?
12.What happens when Lord Brahma has lived a lifetime of days?
13.What is part of the duties that Hindus have to perform?
14.Why do Hindus respect all life?
15.What is `ahimsa'?
16.According to Hindu…

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2. According to Dawkins what are humans?
3. According to Dawkins what motivates human behaviour?
4. According to Dawkins what makes things appear designed?
5. In Climbing Mount Improbable what does Dawkins argue is inevitable?
6. According to Dawkins why is conscience created?

Resurrection Questions

1. Read the first two…

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15.According to Peacocke what should both science and religion do?
16.According to Peacocke religion should embrace scientific discovery, what should
science embrace?
17.If both approaches are utilised, what can be discovered according to Peacocke?
18.According to Peacocke science is ongoing like what?
19.What two seemingly contradictory ideas does Peacocke believe…

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Science Questions
1. Give an example of something God can do but nature cannot do.
The sun going back on its course
2. How could we criticise Aquinas' second type of miracle?
It is out of date ­ advances in science and technology allow for events under this…

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2. What does Holland give as an example to illustrate his idea?
A boy being saved from being hit by a train
3. According to Wiles what does not happen?
Miracles defined as individual actions in the world
4. According to Wiles what is the one miracle that God performed?…

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9. Give an example of a miracle that seems frivolous and a tragedy that people may argue
God should have intervened in.
The holocaust
10. How do miracles seem to contradict cosmological and design arguments?
They introduce unpredictability
11. Why do some people argue that a timeless God cannot perform…


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