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Is Religious Language Meaningful?

Revision Questions Answers
1. Give an example of a religious event that is contradictory to our logic?
The virgin birth
2. Give an example of an abstract/metaphysical/puzzling religious word?
3. Why might human language be criticised when trying to communicate ideas about
Our language…

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16.What is the falsification principle?
A statement is meaningful if you know what would have to be done in order for it to
be false
17.When are true statements falsifiable?
When we can give the conditions under which the statement would be false
18.How does Flew present the believer with…

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33.Give an example of how we feel when a qualifier `works'.
Gain some insight into the nature of God
34.According to Ramsey once a person understands a model and qualifier what does this
lead to?
35.What example does Ramsey give to illustrate how a person feels when they grasp…

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50.What does Wittgenstein compare language to in his theory?
A game
51.Why can the rules from using scientific language not be compared to religious
Language from each game cannot be used for different game
52.According to Wittgenstein, when is language at its worst?
When it is not being used…

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66.What do both verification and falsification fail?
Their own tests
67.What might some proponents of analogy, symbol and language games argue?
They overcome the principles
68.What might a proponent of religious language as noncognitive argue?
Religious statements are not meant to convey facts but they are still meaningful
69.By definition…


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