Is religious language rational Revision Q's

If you can answer all of these questions then you will surely ace your exam!!
-Verification & Falsification
-Analogy, Symbol and Language games
-The problems with language
-Arguments for and against
(Answers on separate document)

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Is Religious Language Meaningful?

Revision Questions
1. Give an example of a religious event that is contradictory to our logic?
2. Give an example of an abstract/metaphysical/puzzling religious word?
3. Why might human language be criticised when trying to communicate ideas about
4. Why do mosques and synagogues not…

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31.Give an example of a model word that we might use in relation to God.
32.Give an example of a qualifier that we might use in relation to God.
33.Give an example of how we feel when a qualifier `works'.
34.According to Ramsey once a person understands a model and…

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62.How is verification used in everyday life?
63.How is the argument of the logical positivists similar to the classical arguments of
God's existence?
64.What do logical positivists want religion to be?
65.In an age of testing and logic give an example of a religious event which would not
pass the…


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