Is religious language rational Revision Q's

If you can answer all of these questions then you will surely ace your exam!!
-Verification & Falsification
-Analogy, Symbol and Language games
-The problems with language
-Arguments for and against
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Is Religious Language Meaningful?
Revision Questions
1. Give an example of a religious event that is contradictory to our logic?
2. Give an example of an abstract/metaphysical/puzzling religious word?
3. Why might human language be criticised when trying to communicate ideas about
4. Why do mosques and synagogues not contain pictures or images of God?
5. What does anthropomorphise mean?
6. Give an example of a human virtue (other than love) that might be completely
different in God.
7. Give an example of a Biblical/Qur'anic story that could be interpreted literally or
8. According to verification what two types of statements are meaningful?
9. Which beliefs did A.J Ayer work on in Vienna?
10.According to Ayer, if a statement is neither analytic nor testable then what is it?
11.When was Language, Truth and Logic published?
12.Give an example of a statement that would not pass the strong verification principle's
test of meaning.
13.What kind of statement becomes meaningful under weak verification?
14.Why was the falsification principle developed?
15.According to Ayer, at best what are religious statements?
16.What is the falsification principle?
17.When are true statements falsifiable?
18.How does Flew present the believer with Wisdom's parable of the garden?
19.According to Flew, what do religious believers do when information is given which
contradicts their claims?
20.As Flew argued that nothing could falsify a religious claim, what did he conclude?
21.What is univocal language?
22.According to Aquinas why can we not use univocal language about God?
23.What is equivocal language?
24.According to Aquinas why can we not use equivocal language about God?
25.What is the Via Negativa? Give an example.
26.How do scholars criticise the via negativa?
27.What is analogy?
28.According to Aquinas, why can we talk about God and His creatures?
29.In what two ways does Aquinas use analogy?
30.What rather unpleasant example does Aquinas give to illustrate his idea?

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Give an example of a model word that we might use in relation to God.
32.Give an example of a qualifier that we might use in relation to God.
33.Give an example of how we feel when a qualifier `works'.
34.According to Ramsey once a person understands a model and qualifier what does this
lead to?
35.What example does Ramsey give to illustrate how a person feels when they grasp the
model and qualifier?
36.Give an example of something that is finite.
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How is verification used in everyday life?
63.How is the argument of the logical positivists similar to the classical arguments of
God's existence?
64.What do logical positivists want religion to be?
65.In an age of testing and logic give an example of a religious event which would not
pass the logical positivists criteria as meaningful.
66.What might some thinkers agree with in relation to Flew?
67.What is the overall strength of the logical positivists?
68.What do both verification and falsification fail?
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