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Oliver Cromwell was born on 25 April 1599 in
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire who studied at
Cambridge University.
He became MP for
Huntingdon in the parliament
of 1628 ­ 1629
He had a large expanding
family a widowed mother, wife,
Elizabeth Bourchier and nine
In August 1620, just a few
months after his twentyfirst
birthday, Oliver Cromwell
married Elizabeth Bourchier at
St Giles's church in Cripplegate, London.
zwho Elizabeth had been born in 1598, the
eldest of twelve children (nine sons and three
daughters) of Sir James Bourchier and his wife
They lived in Huntingdon until 1631, and then
they stayed in St Ives from 1631 to 1636 and then
settled in Ely from 1636 until late 1646 and thereafter
in London. By the early 1650s Elizabeth and her
family were living in lodgings adjoining Whitehall
Palace and in spring 1654, soon after her husband
became Lord Protector, they moved into newly

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Whitehall Palace itself and
at Hampton Court. As Elizabeth moved here she was
sometimes called `Her Highness the Lady
He began to make his name as a radical Puritan
when, in 1640, he was elected to represent
Cambridge, first in the Short Parliament and then in
the Long Parliament.…read more

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Ireland, where he crushed resistance
with the massacres of the garrisons at Drogheda and
Wexford (1649).Cromwell then defeated the
supporters of the king's son Charles II at Dunbar
(1650) and Worcester (1651), successfully ending the
civil war.
In 1653 he dissolved the rump of the Long Parliament
and, after the failure of his Puritan convention made
himself lord protector but in 1657 he refused the offer
of the crown.…read more


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