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Essay plan Support Challenge
Instrument of government (I
of G)
Rule by ordinance
1st protectorate parliament
4 fundamentals
Oath of recognition
End of 1st PP
2nd PP
4 crises
Rule of MG
Dec tax
End of MG
James Nayler
End of 2nd
Death of Cromwell…read more

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PP = Protectorate parliament
I of G = Instrument of Government
OC = Oliver Cromwell
HPA = Humble Petition and Advice
MG = Major Generals
HoL = House of Lords…read more

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The Instrument of
Government…read more

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Drawn up by Major General John Lambert
Oliver Cromwell appointed Lord Protector for
Obliged to call triennial parliaments (every
three years)
The I of G defined the powers of; parliament,
the council of state and the lord protector.…read more

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No parliament to be dissolved within five
OC must sign bills within 20 days by the
parliament or they automatically become law.
Must call parliament if England goes to war
The office was not hereditary.
Parliaments consisting of a single House of
400 members from England and 30 each from
Scotland and Ireland…read more

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