Oliver Cromwell - Military Dictator?

Quotes and notes drawn from the Historian Barry Coward's hour long podcast on this question.

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Was the Cromwellian Protectorate
a military dictatorship?
"Cannot be answered with a blunt `yes' or `no'"
"I think it would be really foolish to deny that the Cromwellian protectorate was
completely disassociated from military power...or that it never used
unconstitutional or illegal methods"
"This was a regime that owed its establishment and its continuation...to the
power of the army"
"Clearly driven by barley controlled...barely concealed anger"
"He used military force to overthrow the Parliamentary liberties that Cromwell
said he held close to his heart"
"The army was again used"
LUDLOW ­ "The instrument of Government...was a work of darkness" ­ "Difficult
to disagree with that description"
"Constitution that emerged from secret discussions amongst a small group of
military men"
"Drafted by soldiers"
"Naked army power was used to exclude men from parliament that the army
didn't like"
"Blatant use of military power against parliament...there's no denying that"
Many just "flung in jail"
Twisted the law and "forced to resign" people who weren't liked by soldiers and
many just "flung in jail" questioned protectorate's legitimacy or refused to not pay
"Undoubtedly iron fisted authoritarian actions"
The protectorate had a "Cavalier disregard for the law"
RULE OF THE MAJOR GENERALS ­ Paid for by taxes from "anyone had went
against Parliament in any way" "He had no fixed ideas"
1655 "anyone with a Royalist past forced to sign bonds"
"Justified these measures by the failure of the ordinary rules of Law"

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Was the Cromwellian Protectorate
a military dictatorship?
"...appeared to many people, very slowly, as a regime that provided
security and stability"
"Not bringing about a collapse of order"
"Local government in all parts of the country worked really well"
"Had a very successful set of international policies"
"return to the normality of political and social life"
"In the instrument...various limitations were placed on the Protector"
"How remarkably undictiatorial the protectorate and Oliver Cromwell
personally often were"
"Persuasion was the instinctual reaction...…read more


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