Revision on the Tudors-Henry and his Ministers

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  • Henry VIII and his ministers
    • Was Henry a powerful king?
      • How was England governed in 1509?
      • What was English society like in 1509?
      • Describe the background of Henry VIII.
      • What sort  of king did Henry VIII want to be?
      • Describe the background of Wolsey.
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      • How did Wolsey rise to power?
      • What reforms did Wolsey make to government?
      • What were the reasons for and reaction to the Amicable Grant?
      • What were the aims of Wolsey's foreign policy?
      • What were the successes of Wolsey's foreign policy?
      • What were the failures of Wolsey's foreign policy?
      • Why did Henry want an annulment?
      • Why did Wolsey fail to get an annulment?
      • Why did Wolsey fall from power?
        • He couldn't get an annulment for Henry
    • Did the 1530s make Henry more powerful?
      • Describe the background of Cromwell.
      • How did Cromwell rise to power?
      • How did Cromwell make the break with Rome and secure the annulment?
      • Why did Anne Boleyn fall from power?
      • Why was Jane Seymour significant?
      • How and why did Cromwell fall from power? (include Howard,Anne of Cleves)
      • How and why did Cromwell make reforms to government?
    • How far did Henry transform England?
      • Why did Henry want to make the break with Rome?
      • How did Henry change the church? (include Cranmer and Cromwell's changes)
      • What opposition was there to the break with Rome?
      • What was the role of the monastries?
      • What were the reasons for the dissolution of the monasteries?
      • How were the monasteries dissolved?
      • What were the effects of the dissolution of the monasteries?(Beneficiaries and losers)
      • What were the reasons for the Pilgrimage of Grace?
      • What were the key events in the Pilgrimage of Grace? (include key people)
      • Why did the Pilgrimage of Grace fail?


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