Battle of Naseby - role of Oliver Cromwell, Fairfax, King Charles and Prince Rupert

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  • Fairfax and Cromwell
    • Fairfax was an inspirational speaker who fought along side his men
    • Fairfax led the vital counter attack, making vital advantages
    • Cromwell believed NMA officers should be given their role on their experiance and talent in warfare, not becuase of their social class
    • Cromwell recruited and trained the best cavalry in the war
  • King Chales and Prince Rupert
    • They underestimated the enemy
    • They thought they could win despite being  outnumbered
    • They wanted a speedy victory before the NMA could join with the Scots, so didnt wait for reenforements
    • Prince Rupert wasted his advantage on the west, he lacked control of his cavalry
  • Battle of Naseby


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