Why did Henry want to marry Anne of Cleves?

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  • How did Cromwell fall from power?
    • Why did Henry want to marry Anne of Cleves and how would it benefit Cromwell?
      • Henry
        • He needs more sons
        • She looked beautiful in her portrait
        • England needed more allies
        • Needed to marry because Cromwell was encouraging her
      • Cromwell
        • An alliance with a state (such as Cleves) means he could make more religious reforms without any opposition from a Catholic queen.
        • Allies - Holy Roman Empire
        • Lacked English conections
    • Why did Henry choose to divorce Anne of Cleves?
      • she was ugly
      • she did not fit into the sophisticated court life
      • she was not taught how to sing, dance, play musical instruments or learn languages
      • Henry started liked Catherine Howard
    • How did the Duke of Norfolk bring about Cromwell's downfall?
      • Why did the Duke of Norfolk not like Cromwell?
        • Cromwell was Protestant and Norfolk was Catholic
        • believed that Norfolk should not be allowed to advise the king because of his low birth
        • believed that a commoner did not deserve the title of 'Earl of Essex'
      • made Catherine Howard spread rumours that Cromwell as not putting in effort into securing the divorce with Anne of Cleves
      • Ways the Cromwell tried to attack Norfolk
        • ordered the closure of Thetford Priory in Norfolk
        • this Priory was very important to Norfolk
          • his family members bones had to be dug up and buried
        • tried to have him exiled from court
    • The marriage of Anne of Cleves
      • Henry blamed Cromwell for the failure of his marriage
      • Said she never should have been brought to England in the first place


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