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· Hoover was beaten by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932
· The period of four months between a new president being
elected and when he starts working is known as The Lame
Duck Months
· In this time, the old president doesn't usually do very
much, and the new president can do nothing
· In this time, Hoover:
· cut taxes
· cut government spending by $800 million
· This did not work…read more

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· Roosevelt was given emergency powers for 100 days
· 13 new laws were passed
· His programme of change was called the New Deal
· It had three aims:
· Relief
· Recovery
· Reform…read more

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· Agricultural overproduction and regular flooding had
ruined livelihoods of farm workers in the Tennessee Valley
· The area covered parts of six states and was too big for
any one state to deal with
· 21 dams were built over the next 10 years
· Electricity was produced
· Improved transport
· Poverty was decreased ­ jobs made…read more

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Legislation Relief, Recovery, Problem Action
Emergency Banking Act (EBA) Recovery Public lack of confidence in All banks were closed, and then
banks only reliable banks were re-
Farm Credit Administration Relief Farmers might lose their farms Gave loans to 20% of farmers so
(FCA) they wouldn't lose their farm
Agricultural Adjustment Recovery Overproduction Paid farmers to produce less food
Agency (AAA)
Civilian Conservation Corps Recovery High unemployment rate Gave jobs with small wages
Civilian Works Administration Recovery Unemployment Short term jobs given to improve
(CWA) infrastructure
Publics Works Administration Reform Lack of public services; Employed men to build things to
(PWA) unemployment improve infrastructure
Federal Emergency Relief Relief Starvation, unemployment $500 million given to feed, clothe
Administration (FERA) and provide employment schemes
Home Owners Loan Relief Homelessness Loaned money to people
Corporation (HOLC)
National Recovery Reform Poor working conditions, wages Set standards on working
Administration (NRA) practices…read more

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· The first New Deal was more about improving the USA's
· The second New Deal focused on making the USA a fairer
society for everyone
· In 1935, The Wagner Act was introduced, which forced
employers to recognise trade unions after the NRA was
declared illegal
· The Social Security Act in 1935, provided federal aid for
the elderly…read more

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i like it! :)


This power point is good, however when it comes to the opposition to Roosevelt it just lists them. I feel this lacks detail in this department  

Hannah Kerai

This power point is so good. 

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