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American West
How the USA was formed?
Date Area From who
1783 Original Britain
13 states
1803 Louisiana France
1810-19 Florida Spain
1818 Canada Britain
1845 Texas Mexico
1846 Oregon Britain
1848 California Mexico
1848 Texas Mexico
1853 New Mexico Mexico
Living on the plains
Buffalo provided meat to eat, steins for clothes, bones for tools and tongues for brushes.
Native American lives revolved around the buffalo
Indians only killed a number of buffalos because they were vital to Indian life
Native American were Norman
A wife, cared for the children, cook made tipis and packed everything
The men often had more than one wife, so the future was strong for the tribe and to care for
all women
Boys often had a love marriage but in case there was a widow they had to get marry again
this was often arranged
Indians felt better running away then getting killed because they believed live to kill
tomorrow. They knew also if they died who would look after the family.
Ultimate act of bravery was touching the skull. This was counting coup
Old people were often left to die, as the Indian were too poor and weren't able to work
To kill the buffalo a young Indian had to have a great deal of speed, skill and accuracy on foot.
When horses came they became skilful riders so it was easier to kill
Indians believed in the circle of life, they believe they didn't own anything as it all belonged
to the spirit this meant they has a great deal of respect for nature.
Medicine was based around the spirits, medicine man would use charms and rituals to drive
bad spirits away, and they sometime used practical method such a trepanning
Special dance were done to contact the spirits.

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American West
In the band there was a chief, followed by council of elders help by the soldiers
Would come face to face
What was the great migration?
Once Fremont map was published, the settlers began to migrate. Each family had its own covered
wagon, joined together with other family to form a wagon trail. Each family was loaded with supplies
and family possessions. Sometime these possessions were left behind. The journey got harder and
harder.…read more

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American West
What was the cost of the discovery?
The discovery of gold was good and bad. The bad were it attracted a lot of people which meant
there was racial conflict also meant white settler were more superior. People had to pay taxes
imposed on foreign miners. The greatest suffers were Native American as they were completely
wiped out.…read more

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American West
The survival was hard at first but young knew for the Mormons to survive increase population
was need. So it was emphasised that people should have more children. Railways were
constructed, gave money so people would convert and emigrate
People hated Mormons due to the fact of the increase population, belief in polygamy,
relationship with church and politics, believed they were chosen by god and were special and
because they were prosperous
Cattlemen and cowboys
Longhorn cattle were first brought to America.…read more

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American West
The beef bonanza did not last. In the 19th century the trade had collapsed. The reason for this was
Other farmers were experimented with other animals
Diminished supply of grass because of large number of cattle due to over stocking.…read more

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American West
Homestead Act increased the population allowing development of transport link which help increase
the population.…read more

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American West
Many disputes became violent. Many township remote homestead and ranches were in
danger from passing gangs of villain or from `claim jumper' who killed and stole their right
land. People rushed to claim the land to finally registered as theirs
Wild West
The end of the Wild West
o 1895 the problems of lawlessness in the west was resolved for several reasons.
o Expansion of railways after 1869 made it easier for US marshals and judge to enforce the
law.…read more

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American West
At the massacre at sand Greek, Chivington attacked the Indians and their bodies were
After the massacre Indian joined forces
In the red cloud war, the Indians killed Fetter men, and the 600 men.…read more


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